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Waiting on something you really need is one of the hardest things to do. Dr. Boyle wants you to know that waiting on your new smile is not one of those things. At Dr. Tab A. Boyle, DDS, you will be able to have your smile back in as little as a single visit. Check out our exciting CEREC dental restoration system and how this modern marvel will give you your smile again. Call our dental office in Lancaster, CA at 661-524-8457 to schedule your dental crowns and dental bridges Lancaster, CA area to help you restore your teeth again.

The Wonder Of CEREC

cerecIf you have not heard of CEREC, then you are missing out on one of the dental wonders of our modern age. CEREC, or Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, allows Dr. Boyle to produce a custom-made crown to restore your smile while you are in the exam chair. One visit, one new crown – it is that simple. CEREC is a form of CAD/CAM dentistry. Through the use of computer technology, your new crown is closer and more easily produced than ever before.

Developed in 1980, the CEREC method has since seen further innovations that have brought the method to where it is today. The current process uses a 3D imaging system that allows Dr. Boyle to mimic the biting surface of your original tooth. The new system also allows for more than one restoration to be worked on at any given time, further reducing the amount of time that stands between you and your new smile.

What CEREC Can Do For You

CEREC gives Dr. Boyle the ability to quickly produce custom dental restorations for several different applications.

  • Dental Crowns – A cap-like structure that fits over top of a damaged tooth. This damage could be a severe crack or a broken tooth. A severely decayed tooth may also be a candidate for a crown after the decay has been removed. Dr. Boyle will use CEREC to custom make a restorative dental crown, which will do two things. The first is protect the tooth from further damage. The second is restore the look and function of your tooth.
  • Inlays – A partial dental crown that sits on the inside of your biting surface. Some damage is not extensive enough to warrant a full crown, and an inlay is a perfect solution for small problems on your biting surface.
  • Onlays – Like the inlay, this is a partial dental crown, but instead of sitting on the inside of the biting surface, this solution addresses issues with the outer biting surface. Dr. Boyle will go over your problem and be able to direct you to the option that will work best for you.

Benefits Of CEREC

Of all the different benefits that CEREC offers, there are two that really set it apart from the rest.

Time – Normally, you would be waiting for up to two or more weeks for your crown to be made. That is weeks of pain and inconvenience that you don’t have with the CEREC system. A single visit is all that is required to get your tooth taken care of.

Accuracy – The precise nature of CAD/CAM is unquestioned in other areas, such as industrial manufacturing. The same is true in the field of dentistry. A computer does not make the mistakes that humans often do. With that in mind, you can be sure that when Dr. Boyle says your restoration will look just like your original tooth, he means just that.

Understand Dental Bridges

Bridges are a big part of crown dentistry. Crowns are used to anchor a replacement tooth that fills the gap left by a tooth you’ve lost. While bridges may take more than one visit to complete, the use of CEREC in the process still dramatically decreases the amount of time you’ll be without your full smile.

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