Relieving Dental Anxiety

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Dental fear is a terrible thing to deal with. One, because it is hard to live in fear of anything, and two, because dental care is so important. Taking care of your smile is a big deal, and Dr. Boyle does not want dental anxiety to rob you of yours. Find out how we can help you today.

Understand Dental Anxiety

Just to give you an idea of how common dental anxiety is, add up the population of the ten largest American cities. That comes out to roughly 25 million people. According to current statistics, 25 million represents the conservative estimate when it comes to how many people are suffering from dental anxiety. Add 10 million, and you get to the high end. So, between 25 and 35 million people are so afraid of going to the dentist that they will avoid it at all costs. Of those who suffer from the crippling effects of dental anxiety, 2 out of 3 say that their anxiety was brought on by a bad childhood experience. That is a whole lot of people who are not getting the dental care they need because they are afraid, and for more most of them, it is their childhood dentist’s fault. Dr. Boyle knows how important those early years are, and he takes special care to make sure that the children – and everyone – we treat have happy, pain-free visits.

Take Care of Your Dental Anxiety

If you suffer from dental anxiety, the first thing you need to do is figure out what it is that is causing your anxiety. Once you have figured out the cause, your next step is to begin to talk about it. Tell us what you are afraid of and let us help you through the process of overcoming those fears. Sometimes, simply hearing about how things are different from when you went to the dentist as a child is enough.

Choose from Sedation Options

Nitrous, or laughing gas, may be available for patients who really need to take the edge off during their procedure. If you are in need of IV sedation, a specialist will be brought in to administer the correct dosage and keep you comfortable.

Calm Your Nerves in Our Office

Our staff is well aware of how many people suffer from dental fear. They have received training in ways to help people who are afraid. We also have comfort options available to help your visit be as enjoyable as possible. These range from blankets, water, and juice to TVs and headsets to keep your mind occupied.

Call Tab A. Boyle, DDS today at 661-940-6350  to schedule your appointment. You can schedule online using our contact form as well. You will be safe with Dr. Boyle. Come and see what a difference a new dentist can make.

Relieving Dental Anxiety

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