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Do you need to have a tooth taken out? Maybe you want dental implants, but you don’t have enough bone mass? Have your gums receded and are causing you problems? These are all problems that oral surgery from Tab A. Boyle, DDS can help correct.

Identify Oral Surgery Needs

When you have a problem that less invasive techniques cannot fix, oral surgery is there as an option for you. Some procedures, like bone grafts, are necessary to help you fix other issues you may have. Dental implants are a form of oral surgery and can benefit from a bone graft process. There are many times where oral surgery will be used to prepare an area in your mouth for another restorative dentistry procedure. Teeth extractions are a very common form of oral surgery as well.

Teeth Extractions For Optimal Health

Dr. Boyle does perform teeth extractions. As one of the most common forms of oral surgery, this is a standard service offering for Tab A. Boyle, DDS. You will consult with Dr. Boyle before the procedure to go over everything that will happen. There is no need to worry about pain, as Dr. Boyle will be sure to administer enough medication to keep you comfortable. We can even offer IV sedation depending on the dental procedure.

Ask About Ridge Augmentation

Dr. Boyle can help to smooth out the contour of your gumline with a ridge augmentation. If you’ve had a tooth extracted or some other trauma that damages the contour of your gums, you can be left with an indent or other irregularities that make the area look unnatural. By using tissue grafting, Dr. Boyle will be able to correct your condition and get you smiling freely again in no time.

Understand Gum Grafts

One of the biggest uses for gum grafts is the treatment of gum recession. Gum recession can be caused by several things, but tobacco use and gum disease are the most common. By taking healthy gum material from other places in your mouth or another source and grafting it into an area that has suffered gum recession, Dr. Boyle will be able to promote new gum growth and restore a balanced, healthy look to your smile. This will also help restabilize any teeth that may have begun to loosen or shift because of the gum recession.

Bone Graft Treatment

Bone mass in your jaw will deteriorate over time after you have lost teeth. To prevent bone loss, dental implants are used, both to preserve the bone structure and give you back the function of your mouth. For some, lack of bone structure makes dental implants hard or impossible to place. A bone graft will be used to help promote new bone growth and allow a person to receive the dental implants they need to fill their smile and restore their oral health.

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