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Staying on top of your dental health is the easiest way to make sure that you keep your smile the way you want it. This means having your general dentistry needs taken care of on a regular basis with Dr. Boyle.

Know the Power of General Dentistry

The field of general dentistry refers to all of the techniques and treatments that every dentist will learn and practice. Some dentists move on to a specialty within the field of dentistry, such as a pediatric dentist, periodontist, or endodontist. A general dentist is who you see to have your teeth cleaned and examined, cavities found and filled, dental restorations placed, fluoride treatments and sealants administered to prevent decay, and dental X-rays taken.

Have Your Teeth Cleaned Regularly

The general rule is that you should have your teeth looked at every six months. This gives Dr. Boyle the opportunity to monitor your dental health and, if there is an issue, enough time to effectively treat it. Prevention is always the best medicine, and seeing Dr. Boyle twice a year for your exams and cleanings is going to give you just that.

Get Help for Your Bleeding Gums

If your gums are bleeding easily, such as after a simple brushing, you are probably exhibiting signs of gingivitis. Gingivitis is the beginning stage of periodontal (gum) disease. Gum disease can wreck your teeth and gums if you don’t seek treatment from Dr. Boyle. The consequences range from gum recession all the way to tooth loss. For the sake of your smile, and yourself, schedule an appointment with Dr. Boyle today.

Let Dr. Boyle Help with Your Teeth Grinding

As a matter of fact, he can. Teeth grinding, or bruxism, can put a lot of strain on the joint that controls your jaw. This joint is called the temporomandibular joint, or TMJ for short. Injuring that joint or having physiological problems with it can cause all kinds of pain, and a custom mouthguard from Tab A. Boyle, DDS will help distribute the force of your teeth grinding across your dental arch. This will lessen the strain that it puts on the joint and protect both your TMJ and your teeth from damage.

Floss Your Teeth, and Here’s Why

Flossing is absolutely necessary. It ensures that biological debris is removed from in between your teeth. This keeps that debris from breaking down and causing decay or an infection in your mouth. The type of infection that it can cause ranges from gum disease, which you already know to be a tooth killer, all the way to infecting the nerve of your tooth. This can cause an abscess, which will need to be taken care of by Dr. Boyle.

Keep the smile that you have or improve your smile with regular dental treatment from Tab A. Boyle, DDS. You can reach our office at 661-524-8457 to schedule your appointment. You can also use our online form to schedule your appointment instead.

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