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Before there were dental veneers, dentists would have to use crowns to fix dental cosmetic problems with teeth. Even after the advent of veneers, most people didn’t have access to a cosmetic dentist who could provide them. Today, Dr. Boyle uses this minimally invasive procedure to fix healthy teeth that suffer from small problems. Our dental veneers can give you a fast and effective way to correct your minor cosmetic flaws and provide you with a stunning smile.

Veneers Can Improve Your Smile

Dental veneers are thin coverings that are bonded to the front of your teeth. You can have a veneer on a single tooth or multiple veneers on many teeth, whatever is needed to correct your problem. Think of the veneer like you would a false fingernail. It protects the tooth from further outside damage while also providing a cosmetic fix for whatever your problem was. A dental veneer is normally made out of a composite resin or of porcelain. These materials are moldable and shaped to match your teeth. Dr. Boyle will go over your situation and develop a plan to meet your dental needs and get you back to smiling in no time.

Understand Veneers

An extremely versatile cosmetic tool, dental veneers have the ability to fix a number of different issues. These include:

Chips – A chip in your tooth can cause it to look odd, which is the last thing you want someone to think when they see you smile. Correcting that chip with a dental veneer will give you a tooth that looks just as it should.

Cracks – The size of the crack has a lot to do with whether a dental veneer will be an effective solution. Small cracks are easily covered with a veneer. The veneer then provides structural support to prevent further cracking and protection from outside forces that might do more damage.

Stains – Some stains are not effectively treated with a teeth whitening system. These stains are caused by certain health conditions or the medications required to treat them. Dental veneers will cover the stained teeth and give you back your white smile. Talk to Dr. Boyle today about how dental veneers can help you.

Misshapen Teeth – Not all teeth are created equal, and that includes size. You may have a perfectly healthy tooth that is not the shape it should be. A dental veneer can hide the odd shape from outside eyes and give you a great smile.

Gaps – No need to pay thousands of dollars for a straightening solution when all you need is to close a small gap in your teeth. Dental veneers placed on either side of the gap can correct the issue, and your smile will never look better.

Choose from Types Of Veneers

Tab A. Boyle, DDS offers two types of veneers.

  • e.max Porcelain – This is a porcelain veneer that is thinner than traditional porcelain veneers. Even so, e.max material is able to retain its strength and durability while looking incredibly natural in your smile.
  • Lumineers – A special kind of ceramic, is used to create these veneers. Like e.max, they are also extraordinarily thin when compared to traditional veneers. In fact, they are so thin that they may not require preparation of your tooth prior to placement. Dr. Boyle will be able to walk you through the pros and cons of each of these veneers and help you choose the one that is right for you.


Don’t let a small problem rob you of your smile. Call our office today at 661-524-8457 for an appointment. You can schedule online as well if you prefer. We can’t wait to help you with your smile.

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