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One of the most pleasant physical attributes is a bright white smile looking back at you. Life will take a toll on the brightness of your smile, but Dr. Boyle can help with a professional-grade teeth whitening treatment from Tab A. Boyle, DDS Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry.

Teeth Whitening From the Store

You can purchase teeth whitening products from your local grocery store or drugstore, but they aren’t guaranteed to be very effective. The difference between those products and what you will receive from Dr. Boyle is in the concentration and effectiveness of the whitening product. A good way of explaining it is with a food analogy. Say you eat meal of steak, potatoes, and a salad and end up consuming 40 grams of protein. You’ll be full and won’t think you can eat another bite. Or instead, you drink a chocolate protein shake with 50 grams of protein but still have room for a meal afterward. The shake delivers more protein in a smaller size than the whole meal put together.

The whitening you get from the store is like eating a meal. You get the whitening you want, but it takes longer and doesn’t provide as much whitening as you could get otherwise. The whitening from Dr. Boyle is like the protein shake. You get a higher blast of whitening power in a shorter amount of time, and you are left with whiter teeth than what you would have gotten with the OTC whitening.

Select from Types Of Teeth Whitening

Tab A. Boyle, DDS uses the Pola advanced whitening system. This type of professional whitening has two levels, at-home and in-office.

At-home – This is whitening on your schedule. You can use the system whenever it is convenient for you. The amount of time that you need to wear your teeth whitening trays will vary depending on both the concentration level and whether you wear them during the day or at night. Dr. Boyle will go over each level of concentration with you and help you decide which one will help your teeth the most.

In-office – The in-office whitening option from Dr. Boyle is fast, effective, and strong. The whitening gel is almost three times more concentrated than the store-bought brand, and your teeth whitening procedure will take only 30 minutes. You will be in and out with your new smile before you know it.

Understand Benefits Of Teeth Whitening

  • Appearance – Your teeth will be whiter than ever before. The teeth whitening treatment is effective in removing the surface stains that everyday life causes. Stains from coffee, tea, wine, fruit juice, tobacco, and anything else that can discolor your teeth can be treated with teeth whitening from Tab A. Boyle, DDS.
  • Longevity – The last thing you want to do is get your new white smile only to have to redo it in a few weeks because the whitener you used didn’t whiten your teeth enough. The whitening treatment from Dr. Boyle will light up your smile for the months in between visits and beyond.

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