Why Try Professional Whitening? Results

What do we want? White teeth. When do we want them? As soon as possible.

And how can you get back your pearly whites? By making an appointment for professional teeth whitening at the office of Tab A. Boyle, DDS.

You have probably noticed that teeth whitening products are everyone nowadays. Commercials for whitening products appear routinely on television, and you can’t walk down a toothpaste aisle without finding dozens of self-proclaimed “whitening” products.

If you are truly interested in a whiter smile, then you need to start by talking to our dentist. Our office is located in Lancaster, CA.


Talk To Our Dentist First

The American Dental Association Council on Scientific Affairs recommends that anyone interested in teeth whitening should talk to their dentist before they begin any treatment (commercial or professional).

This reason is twofold.

First, whitening products can cause problems, particularly for people whose teeth may have issues in addition to staining. It’s important to know if your teeth can handle whitening before you begin.

Second, teeth whitening is intended to remove stains from your teeth. But stains are not the only reason your teeth can become discolored. Illnesses, side effects of some medicines, and injuries can cause discoloration as well.

Dr. Boyle will gladly examine your teeth so you will know if you are a good candidate for teeth whitening. He can also explain other ways to give yourself a bright, white smile as part of the cosmetic dentistry in our office.


What Are You Paying For?

Deciding what kind of teeth whitening product to use can be an important decision as well.

You have whitening toothpaste, and you have what the ADA calls “bleaching” products. These include the professional teeth whitening officer at our dentist office in Lancaster, CA, and commercial products like whitening gels and strips.

Why does the ADA put whitening toothpaste into a different category? Whitening toothpaste can help in removing surface stains from your teeth, but they won’t remove the deeper stains that have take years or decades to develop.

Just know going in that there is a real limit on what whitening toothpaste can do.

The bleaching products are different because they contain other ingredients that can remove the deeper stains. Typically, this is hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. (Carbamide peroxide breaks down into other components, one of which is hydrogen peroxide.)

This allows those products to go below the surface to remove more stains.

So what is the difference between commercial products and the professional whitening you can get from Dr. Boyle’s office? Strength and speed.

Commercial whitening products with the ADA Seal of Acceptance contain up to 10 percent carbamide peroxide (which equals 3.5 percent hydrogen peroxide). Professional products can have up to 11 times high concentrations of those bleaching agents.


The Fastest Way To A Whiter Smile

Stains don’t just happen overnight. Years of morning coffee, spaghetti, desserts, soft drinks, and wine leave their marks on our smiles. To remove those stains, you need something can really get into the tiny crevices we have in our teeth.

Quite simply, professional whitening products are doing to go deeper and work faster than anything you will find at a grocery or other retail store.

The difference between professional and commercial teeth whitening is like the difference between a pressure washer or your garden hose. Both use the same stuff to clean, but one clearly works faster and more effectively.

When used correctly, commercial products can make your teeth look a little nicer after a few weeks.

Or, you can get an in-office whitening treatment at Dr. Boyle’s office in Lancaster, CA. A single treatment with the Pola advanced whitening system can give you better results in as little as 30 minutes than you will see after using a commercial product for weeks.

If you are more of a do-it-yourselfer, then we also have a take-home whitening product as well. This is not going to whiten your smile as quickly as our in-office treatment, but you will have a comparably white smile in a short time when used as directed.

Just remember, before you do any teeth whitening, talk to Dr. Boyle. Whitening can improve your smile, but it should be done safely and correctly.


Bring Back Your Bright Smile

Teeth staining happens gradually as we get older. Usually, we don’t notice the changes as they are happening. If you do realize that your smile is not as white as you would like it to be, make an appointment with Dr. Boyle to discuss what you can do about it.

Just call 661-524-8457 or fill out our online form to schedule a consultation with our dentist if you live in or near Lancaster, CA.

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