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Welcome to the new website of Dr. Boyle and the staff at Tab A. Boyle, DDS! Now that you have taken a little time to become acquainted with our website, we are glad you’ve found your way to our dental blog! We have all of the information about our services, dental problems, promotions, and payment options on our website, but here, we have real-world info to help you live a better life. You will get tips, facts, life hacks, and fun stories to help you along the road to a healthier mouth.

When we began to develop this blog, we kept three things in mind. First, we wanted to give you a blog that gave you what you wanted, and second, we wanted to make sure it would give you what you needed. And then we had to figure out how to do both of those things at the same time. Dental information can be boring, and that is exactly what we strive NOT to provide. You will get the info that you want and need in fun and engaging ways.

What Do You Want Out Of Your Dental Blog?

When we asked our patients, they said they wanted a blog that would help them keep their dental health level high and would give them practical ways to do it, not just the tired old advice of “go to the dentist.” So, that’s what we did. You will find nutrition information to help protect your teeth (and your waistline). You will find information about what to do and not do in certain dental situations, and you will find fun, easy tips to help you and your teeth have a happy, healthy life.

What Do You Need From Your Dental Blog?

You need to know about certain things that are not necessarily pleasant but will help inform you of ways to stay healthy. You need to know about gum disease risks, oral cancer, and the dangers of an abscess. These are not “fun” topics, but we will share this type of information with you in a way that takes the edge off of the news and gives you hope for prevention or treatment to combat these problems.

How Do We Get What You Want And Need Together?

We want to help you, but we know we need to be able to give you information you need to hear to keep you and your family healthy, along with information that you’ll find relevant. That’s why we want you to help! Let us know if there are topics you want to hear about as we share several interesting blogs with you each month. Call our office at 661-524-8457 to suggest a blog idea, ask questions, or make an appointment. You can submit your ideas and questions with our online form as well. You can even schedule your appointment there. Help us help you on your road to dental health.

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