How To Stay Calm During Your Dental Emergency


If you are having a dental emergency, don’t worry about deciding if it’s bad enough. Call our Lancaster, CA dental office immediately at 661-524-8457 for an emergency dental appointment. You can often be seen the same day that you call. Dr. Boyle is your Lancaster dentist ready to help when you need it.

3 Tips For Any Dental Emergency

All dental emergencies are unique, but there are a few things you can do that should help in almost every one. And knowing what to do is a great way to help stay calm in the chaos and confusion surrounding a dental emergency.

Put Our Lancaster, CA Number In Your Phone Today

The last thing you need when you’re in a dental emergency is to fumble around looking for the right phone number to call. That’s why you should take our Lancaster, CA dental office number (661-524-8457) in your phone’s contact list today. Call it something like “Dental Emergency.”

That way, when you’re dealing with the confusion and discomfort of a dental emergency, you can call our Lancaster dentist with the click of a button.

Stop Any Bleeding First (Or Visit The ER)

Sometimes, your dental emergency includes cut gums, cheeks, or lips. If that happens, your first priority needs to be stopping that bleeding. Get some sterile gauze or cloth and apply direct pressure on the cut.

If this does not stop the bleeding, then go to your local emergency room and get the help you need right then. Once this is taken care of, you can call Dr. Boyle and let him know what happened.

Create A Dental Emergency Kit For Your Home

Since many homes have a first aid kit for medical emergencies, why not create one for dental emergencies? This way, you have some very helpful things at your fingertips.

Get a box or container and write, “Dental Emergency Kit” on the top. This way, someone else can find it if you’re having the emergency. Then put the following inside:

  • A small, sealable container for any lost teeth.
  • Plastic gloves.
  • Dental cement (found in most drugstores).
  • Non-aspirin pain relievers
  • Sterile gauze

Specific Dental Emergency Tips

Those tips are great for lots of emergencies, but the key to staying calm is knowing as much as possible about what to do.


If you chip or crack a tooth, use a cold pack and/or some non-aspirin pain relievers to manage the pain. Then call our Lancaster dentist to explain how the damage happened. Even if you’re not in any pain, call us. Anything powerful enough to damage tough enamel can give you internal damage you cannot see or even feel — right now.


You have to leave that tooth alone. Don’t eat, drink, or even test the tooth to see how loose it is. That could be the one pressure that makes the tooth come out. Cold packs and non-aspirin pain relievers are useful, but you need to call us at 661-524-8457 as soon as possible.


Pick up the tooth gently from its top, rinse it off, and try placing it back in the socket in your gums. If it won’t stay, put it in a small container with enough water to cover it. Then call Dr. Boyle and ask for an emergency dental appointment. Be sure to bring that tooth with you.


This is where dental cement can be very useful. For a lost filling, dental cement can be used as a temporary replacement For a dental crown that came off, you can use dental cement as a temporary adhesive to put it back where it belongs. Then call our Lancaster, CA dental office for an emergency appointment. Dental cement lasts 1-2 days, but the sooner you come in, the better.

If you are having any kind of dental emergency, call us immediately at 661-524-8457 for an emergency dental appointment. Dr. Boyle is well trained in helping during such emergencies, and he has helped many people get the help they need.

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