Mini Implants: Go Small For Bigger Smiles


Everyone has a breaking point, and you’ve reached yours.

You are sick and tired of your uncomfortable, loose-fitting dentures. You want stability and security, and you don’t want to see another tube of denture adhesive ever again.

You have decided to talk to someone about getting dental implants.

But have you considered mini implants? If not, then maybe it’s time for you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Tab A. Boyle, our dentist in Lancaster, CA.

We offer both traditional and mini implants at our office. You may find that going small can provide the benefits you want in less time.

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What Are Mini Implants?

The obvious answer is that they are smaller versions of traditional dental implants.

To understand why mini implants are better for some patients, we need to look a little deeper at what happens when you lose your teeth.

As you probably know, your teeth are divided into crowns (the part that you can see) and roots (the part that you can’t). The roots are like anchors that hold your teeth in your jawbone.

But your roots help your jaw stay healthy, too. Your jawbone goes through cycles in which old tissue is reabsorbed and new tissue takes its place. When your roots press into your jaw (when you eat), this stimulates the jawbone to keep making new tissue.

If you lose teeth, you lose that direct connection to your jawbone. As a result, your jaw does not make new bone tissue and begins to shrink.

Dental implants or mini implants can replace the roots of your teeth and provide support for the replacements for the crowns of your teeth. So, when might you need mini implants?


When Mini Implants Can Be The Better Choice

You may have tried living with dentures. For years, you’ve dealt with your “teeth” falling out when you try to talk and not being able to eat certain foods.

The problem is that your dentures have been resting outside of your gums. They aren’t connected to your jawbone, and therefore, they are not providing the stimulation necessary to keep your jaw healthy.

That means that your jaw will keep shrinking when you only have dentures. That’s also why your dentures become looser the longer you have them. As a result, you may not have enough bone tissue left to support dental implants.

Let’s assume you go to a dentist who only offers traditional implants. If this dentist finds that your jawbone is too small for traditional implants, this dentist may propose a bone graft.

A bone graft is essentially a bone tissue transplant. This transplanted tissue is placed in your mouth next to your existing bone. As you heal, your existing bone and the transplanted tissue grow together to create a bigger jaw.

This may take months, but when you are ready, your dentist can put your dental implants in place. When you have recovered from that procedure, then your dentures can be attached to your implants.

This will create a direct connection to your jaw, which can prevent more bone loss in the future.

If you visit our office instead, Dr. Boyle can determine if mini implants are an option for you.

Because mini implants are smaller, so they fit where traditional implants won’t. That usually means you don’t need to pay for a bone graft to prepare your mouth, so you won’t need to recover from that procedure before your implants can be placed.

Instead, we can schedule your mini implant placement sooner. Another benefit is that you can recover faster from mini implant placements because they are smaller.

That means you can begin enjoying the benefits of implant-supported dentures earlier than you would with traditional implants.


Find Out If Mini Implants Are Right For You

By coming to our dentist office in Lancaster, CA, you can find out if traditional implants, mini implants, or one of our other implant options is right for you. To request a consultation, contact us online or call (661) 524-8457.


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