Invisalign: 3 Reasons They are the Choice for You

Your journey to a straight smile doesn’t have to be one you tell the world about. If you want a better smile but are worried about everyone you know seeing your mouth full of metal braces, Invisalign is the choice for you. Take a look at what makes Invisalign the only real option for people with a problem smile.


What is Invisalign?


A new and exciting way of straightening out a problem smile, Invisalign gives you the ability to discreetly correct your teeth alignment. Invisalign uses clear plastic trays, like mouthguards, to gently move your teeth into their proper positions. The amazing part of this treatment is that not only does it properly align your teeth, but it also aligns them in about half the time traditional braces take. Braces take between two and three years to fix your smile, but Invisalign will do the same job in about 12 months on average.


Another awesome aspect of Invisalign is that the aligners are clear. This means that you won’t announce to the world that you’re straightening your teeth every time you smile. This great for the busy professional who doesn’t want to look like a middle-school version of themselves. You will be able to smile with confidence during your treatment, and afterward, the only thing people will know is that your smile became awesome in a very short amount of time.


What is the Process?


There are three steps to the Invisalign process.


Step #1 – To get started, you need to schedule your appointment with Dr. Boyle. He will take impressions of your teeth and X-rays to get an idea of where your teeth currently are. From there, he will map out a treatment plan, and your aligners will begin to be custom made to help your smile. You will have a series of aligners made, and your treatment plan will use each set until your smile reaches its desired look.


Step #2 – The second step is receiving the first set of your aligners. You will begin wearing them immediately. For the aligners to have the desired effect on your smile, you will have to wear them for about 22 hours per day. This is important as your teeth will need that much time per day to begin moving toward their desired positions. You will take your aligner trays out to eat and to brush your teeth. This is one of the convenient parts of the treatment, as traditional braces must remain in during these times. This leaves you having to avoid certain foods, and adjusting your daily routine to accommodate the metal brackets and wires in your mouth.


Every two weeks, you will move to the next aligner in the series, and you’ll keep changing them out on this schedule until you finish your final aligner.

Step #3 – Enjoying your new smile is the final part of the process. Roughly 12 months from the date you started, you will have a brand-new smile that you can show off to everyone. Your confidence will be higher than ever, and your appearance will be wonderful. All of this happens in less than half the time of traditional treatments.


How is Invisalign Better?


Just because Invisalign is fast doesn’t mean it is the best. So, why is Invisalign better than traditional braces? There are three reasons that really put Invisalign in a class of its own. 

1. Comfort – Your mouth was not designed to have sharp metal edges inside of it. The surfaces in your mouth also don’t take too kindly to having metal wires stretching across the line of teeth that are housed there. This leads to irritation of the backside of your lips and pain from the constant rubbing with traditional braces. You’ll have none of that with the smooth plastic that Invisalign is made from. Your lips will be safe from scrapes, and your mouth will not feel like you have a device pulling your teeth in different directions.

2. Time – We’ve already gone over how Invisalign takes only about 12 months to fix your smile, but let’s talk about the other time it saves you. You brush your teeth just like you normally do, no tweaks or special ways you have to brush. You also can eat whatever you want, and eat it the way you always have. There is no need to adjust your bite so you don’t get food stuck in your brackets because there are no brackets. Also, your visits with Dr. Boyle will be less frequent and shorter than with braces. You will come in about every six weeks to have a checkup and to receive new aligners – that’s it.

3. Appearance – The aligner trays are clear, so people around you will not even notice that they are in your mouth. It is easy to discreetly remove them before a meal. Just go into the bathroom, take them out to enjoy your meal, and pop them back in afterward. No one is ever the wiser.


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