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Sometimes smaller is better. Sometimes smaller is necessary, too. That’s often the case with mini dental implants.

Traditional dental implants transformed teeth replacement in modern dentistry, but they won’t work for every patient. By offering mini implants, our dentist, Tab A. Boyle, DDS, is giving our patients in and around Lancaster, CA, another way of restoring their smiles.

If you’ve been told that you aren’t a good candidate for traditional implants, then we encourage you to make an appointment at our office to find out if mini implants are right for you.


Roots And Your Jaw

You may not be able to see your jawbones, but they play a vital role in the health and the appearance of your smile.

The roots of your teeth are implanted in the bone like the roots of the tree are planted in the ground. Your roots provide stability and strength for your teeth (as long as they are healthy).

But your roots help your jawbone, too. When you eat, you push your roots into your jawbones. The pressure encourages the bone to created new bone tissue, which replaces older tissue so your jaw can maintain its shape and size.

Losing a single tooth can lead to the slow deterioration of your jawbone. That can lead to more tooth loss, which leads to more bone loss … you get the idea.

For someone, who has lost all of his or her teeth, traditional dentures will rest over the gums. This is fine for giving you the appearance of a nice smile, but it won’t stop your jawbone from continuing to deteriorate with time.

That’s also the reason dentures have to be refitted or replaced regularly.

Dr. Boyle understands that your jawbone needs stimulation to remain healthy, and dental implants can provide that stimulation by replacing the roots of your lost and missing teeth.


Mini Implants Can Make A Big Difference

How quickly you decide to get implant-supported dentures can make a big difference.

If you get them shortly after losing your teeth or after your teeth have been extracted, then you will probably have enough bone left to support a set of implants.

By waiting, your jaw will continue to shrink. At some point, there may not be enough bone left for traditional implants.

This is when getting mini implants at Dr. Boyle’s office can make a difference for you.

At another dentist office, you may have to undergo a bone graft before you implants can be placed. During a bone graft, bone tissue will be placed in your jaw, and as it heals, the existing bone and the transplanted bone will grow together.

That could mean months of waiting before you are finally ready for your dental.

Or Dr. Boyle can place mini implants in your jaw instead. Mini implants are smaller than traditionally implants, so they can fit in places that traditional implants won’t.

This can save you from needing a bone graft, which can help you get your replacement teeth faster.


Small, But Effective

Mini implants may not be as big as traditional implants, but they can be used for the same purposes.

We have focused in this post on individuals who have lost all their teeth, and who may be interested in implant-supported dentures. Mini implants can provide that support as well, so you can feel confident that your dentures will remain in place.

But mini implants can be used in other ways as well. By now, you are certainly aware that  we are all different in some ways.

Some people are faster than others. Some people gain weight quickly, while others can’t gain weight even if they try. Likewise, some people’s jawbones deteriorate faster than others.

If you are one of them, you may need a mini implant for a single-tooth replacement to support a dental crown. We can also make implant-supported dental bridges for individuals who are missing multiple teeth.

Some patients will be fine to support traditional implants, but Dr. Boyle wants to be able to help as many patients as possible. By offering mini implants at our dentist office in Lancaster, CA, he is doing just that.


Get Sized Up

Teeth replacement has come a long way. Our ancestors used everything from seashells and stones to ivory and bones to make replacement teeth.

Today, we have materials that are lifelike and durable, and with the invention of dental implants and mini implants, those teeth replacements are more secure than ever, too.

If you would like to learn if implants or mini implants could restore your smile, call Dr. Boyle at 661-524-8457 or request an appointment with our online form.

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