Fix Your Overbite At The Office of Dr. Tab A. Boyle


One form of a malocclusion, or bad bite, is an overbite (like the one shown below). An overbite happens when the lower jaw doesn’t properly align with the upper jaw, causing the upper teeth to cover the lower teeth. Most often, the condition is hereditary, but it can also be caused by trauma or thumb-sucking.

An overbite can affect you in several ways. It can:

  • Interfere with your chewing.
  • Make keeping your teeth clean a challenge, contributing to the risk of tooth decay or gum disease.
  • Make you feel self-conscious about your appearance and affect your self-esteem.

At the office of Dr. Tab A. Boyle in Lancaster, CA, we can fix your overbite with orthodontics. Give our office a call at 661-524-8457 to make an appointment. You can also use our online form to contact us.

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