Don’t Let Dental Anxiety Steal Your Smile

Your smile is the only one you have, so don’t let fear take it from you. Dental anxiety affects so many people, and Tab A. Boyle, DDS does not want you to be one of them. We are here to help you get past your dental fear and get back to a high level of dental health.


Who Has Dental Anxiety?


Based on current statistics between 8 percent and 15 percent of Americans suffer from dental anxiety. That might not seem like a big number, but when you realize that the 8 percent of that statistic represents as many people as the populations of the ten largest U.S. cities COMBINED, you start to get an idea of how many people this condition affects.


Now, when we say dental anxiety, we don’t mean people who are worried about going to the dentist but still go when they need to. We are talking about people who will literally risk the health of their teeth before they set foot in a dental office. This crippling fear of needed medical care is dangerous. Your teeth are meant to last you for your whole life. They don’t grow back, and they are not easily replaced. They are also front and center in everything you do, from smiling to talking and eating. They play a major role in your day-to-day life, and if you are one of the more than 24 million people suffering from dental anxiety, you need to get help. Dr. Boyle and our team at Tab A. Boyle, DDS Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry in Lancaster, CA are here for your sake and the sake of your smile. Come talk to us today about how we can help you manage your dental fear.


What Causes Dental Anxiety?


So, you already know that a lot of people have dental anxiety, but what you may not know is why they have it. If having your teeth taken care of on a regular basis is so important, why are so many many people refusing to go out of fear? The answer is that they most likely had a bad experience with a dentist. This may seem hard to accept, especially when you consider the amount of training that dentists go through to even practice, but it is nonetheless true. More than two-thirds of the people who report having dental anxiety attribute it to a bad experience with a previous dentist. Many times, the experience was pain related.


Some dentists see patients in a very cookie-cutter way. Two people of the same size, weight, and gender receive the same amount of anesthetic. Logically, that makes sense. The problem comes when you take into account that people are complex beings, and no two are the same. That includes the level of pain tolerance. Dr. Boyle knows this and makes sure that you are treated as the unique individual that you are. Just because you are the same size as another person who didn’t need much numbing agent doesn’t mean that you aren’t going to need more as well. We listen to you, and if you say you are feeling something you shouldn’t, we’ll believe you and will take care of it immediately. You know yourself better than any chart does, and we are here to make sure that you are comfortable and relaxed while you are spending time with us.


If you are still anxious during your visit, sedation is an option that Dr. Boyle may consider to help you. We have nitrous oxide available to help take the edge off of your nerves while you are in the dental chair. For more involved dental cases, we have a specialist who comes in and does IV sedation for our patients.


How Can I Beat Dental Anxiety?


There is hope, and Dr. Boyle can help you find it. There are several ways we suggest helping you get past your dental fear.


Figure Out the Cause – The first step in solving a problem is realizing that you have one and figuring out what caused it. Finding the source of your dental fear is important in getting past it. You need to know what beast you are fighting before you can overcome it.


Talk to Someone – Once you know the cause, say it is a painful childhood visit, then you need to talk to someone about it. Just get it out there. Talking about things that scare us is therapeutic in itself, but it can be of even greater value when you are able to get information back that helps to quell the fears you have. Talking to Dr. Boyle about what happened to you and why you are scared will lead to a better experience with us. Sometimes, we are able to tell you how the procedures have changed, and how they have gotten better. This may help you realize that the dentist you once had is not the same dentist you are seeing in Dr. Boyle.


Make Your Appointment and KEEP IT! – A leap of faith is required to slay any foe, and in the fight against dental anxiety, that leap is making an appointment and sticking to it. Even if your appointment is just to come in and talk, it is a step in the right direction. You can reach our Lancaster, CA office at 661-524-8457. Schedule your appointment over the phone, or use our online form to easily schedule your appointment as well. We can’t wait to begin helping you get back on the road to good dental health.



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