CEREC Can Save Your the Life of Your Tooth


Time is not on your side when you have a damaged tooth. The chance that you are going to suffer further damage to the tooth goes up with every moment that passes. CEREC gives you a chance to minimize that time by providing you with a permanent crown in a single visit to Dr. Boyle’s office. Save your tooth from certain harm and possible extraction by taking advantage of our CEREC crowns. With CEREC, Dr. Boyle can help free you of your pain and repair your tooth in a single visit.


What is CEREC?

CEREC is an acronym for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. (You can see why it was shortened!) This technology allows Dr. Boyle to make a custom dental crown for you in one visit! No waiting weeks for a lab to make your crown, and no dealing with a temporary crown during the wait – you get your real restoration the same day you come in to see Dr. Boyle.


Now, even though we are singing the praises of this wonder of dental technology, it is not like it just came around. CEREC was actually developed more than 30 years ago. At the University of Zurich, Marco Brandestini and Werner Mörmann developed the CEREC process in 1980. They would spend the next five years further developing the method before the first CEREC patient was treated. Siemens obtained the license for CEREC in 1986 and developed it further. Sirona, born out of Siemens’ sale of their dental division in the 1990s, is the current owner of the CEREC method and is responsible for some of the most exciting innovations that have come to pass. Those innovations include an improved 3D camera for a more detailed picture of the tooth that is being restored. CEREC also now has the ability to custom make multiple restorations at one time.


How Can CEREC Help You?

Standard crowns have been around for a long time, and so CEREC might seem a little too new for some people. But the benefits of being able to have your permanent crown custom made for you in a single visit are substantial. They may mean the difference between getting to keep your real tooth or needing a root canal or extraction.


Here are just a few benefits you can expect from your CEREC restoration:


  • Speed – The faster you can get your damaged tooth protected, the better. This lessens the chance for further damage you might experience while waiting for a traditional crown to be manufactured. You will not have to worry about debris working its way into the area and possibly causing infection. Your pain will decrease as well, which is always a good thing.


  • Accuracy – The CAD/CAM process of CEREC means that your crown will be as exact as a computer can make it. Even in labs, there is a human element to the manufacturing process, which leaves the door of human error wide open. CEREC depends on the programming and the precise nature of computer technology to make a crown that will be, for all intents and purposes, an exact replica of the tooth it’s repairing. Dr. Boyle will carefully oversee the process.


  • Durability – Your permanent crown is meant to withstand the biting forces in your mouth. It is designed to deal with the day-to-day work that comes with functioning inside your mouth. A temporary crown is only meant to deal with that stuff for a short time. In other words, it is not meant to work as well as the final restoration. The last thing you want to deal with is a difficult temporary crown for weeks until your real crown is complete. You’re already dealing with a painful or uncomfortable tooth as it is! And it may help you deal with all those dangers while you wait, such as a root canal.


A root canal is not the end of the road for your tooth, although in many cases, it is the final option when trying to save your tooth from extraction. But if a quick solution can help you avoid a root canal or even extraction, you should seriously consider it. CEREC from Dr. Boyle may help you do just that. And if you do need a root canal at this point, we can seal the damaged tooth fast with a CEREC crown. Call our Lancaster, CA office today at 661-524-8457 to schedule your appointment. You can use our online form to schedule your appointment as well. The form is also a great place to ask any questions that you may have about the CEREC method and how it can help you.

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