Ask About Dental Veneers For A Whiter And Straighter Smile

Every year, millions of Americans turn to cosmetic dentistry to improve their smiles. If you want straight teeth, white teeth, or teeth that are whole once again, then cosmetic dentistry can handle each of those issues.

And there’s one cosmetic service that can address all of those issues at the same time — dental veneers.

Veneers are among the many services that Tab A. Boyle, DDS, offers at his dentist office in Lancaster, CA. Whether you know what dental veneers are or you are just learning about them for the first time, they may be able to give you the smile that you want.

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➤ Straight Teeth With Dental Veneers

Imagine that you have one or more of the following issues

▪︎ Gaps between your teeth

▪︎ Crowded teeth

▪︎ Crooked teeth

How would you fix it? One solution is an orthodontic treatment like braces or Invisalign®. These can and will improve your smile by physically moving your teeth into new positions. This can take time (12 months or more), but the end result is a nice, straight smile.

Dental veneers can give you the appearance of straight teeth in a matter of weeks, not years. Veneers don’t change your teeth. Veneers hide them from view.

When you get dental veneers, they are custom-made to fit over your teeth. Veneers make your teeth look evenly spaced and parallel to one another.

Contact Dr. Boyle if you are interested in finding out if dental veneers could work for you.

Dr. Boyle cares deeply about his patients, and he loves his careers. That’s why he has devoted countless hours to continuing education. He wants to be able to provide the services his patients want (like veneers) so they can have smiles that make them happy.


➤ White Teeth With Dental Veneers

Teeth whitening is arguably the most popular cosmetic procedure in the United States. In addition to professional teeth whitening, which we offer as well, you can buy any number of self-proclaimed “whitening” products in retail stores.

Professional whitening products have a much higher concentration of bleaching agents to remove deep stains from teeth. However, even professional whitening products aren’t going to do much good if your teeth are discolored as a side effect of medication or as a symptom of an illness or injury.

Dental veneers can clean up your smile by hiding the stains or any other kind of discoloration you may have.

Stained teeth can still be healthy. As long as they are strong enough to support dental veneers, we can use them to give you a white, bright smile again. As an added bonus, veneers are more stain resistant than teeth, so you are more likely to keep that beautiful white smile for years and years to come.

We offer two kinds of veneers at our dentist office in Lancaster, CA.

E.max porcelain veneers are one of the strongest and most durable kinds of dental veneers. Porcelain has been used in dentistry for a long time because it looks so similar to natural teeth.

Lumineers are the thinnest veneers that you can find on the market today. With many veneers, we need to remove a layer of enamel so they will fit on your teeth. Lumineers are so thin that many times removing enamel is not needed.

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➤ Restored Teeth With Dental Veneers

Dental bonding is a fast and effective way to fix a tooth that is chipped or worn down. Dental crowns also can be used to repair teeth that have lost something over the years.

But what if several of your teeth are showing signs of wear and tear? You could get dental bonding to fix each individual tooth. Or, you could get dental veneers to fix all of them simultaneously.

This also serves as a remind that veneers can address multiple issues at the same time, too. If you want to repair chipped teeth and whiten your smile, veneers can take care of both of those concerns.


Create The Smile You Want With Dental Veneers

Dr. Boyle has been helping patients in and around Lancaster, CA, for more than 25 years. Dental veneers are just another way he could help you feel better about your smile.

To find out if dental veneers could work for you, call 661-524-8457 or fill out our online form to schedule a consultation.

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