Get to Know Tab A. Boyle, DDS

The dentist you choose to help you and your family with your dental health needs should be someone you trust. He should be someone you know, and someone you know cares about you. Tab A. Boyle, DDS is that kind of dental provider. We want you to know that you can count on us to help you and your family no matter what dental troubles you are having, but the only way for you to know that is if you know something about us. Check out what we have to offer here at Tab A. Boyle, DDS, and then let us start to get to know about you and your family.

Our Office

Boyle-25The first thing you need to know about us is what you can expect here at the office. Dr. Boyle started his practice in a small office in the same building as his father’s doctor’s office. Since that first office, we have moved several times, and each time was so that we could accommodate the increasing number of our patients. Now, in our current building, we are able to handle all of our patients comfortably. Our office always runs on time, and we have seven operatories to handle the volume of patients and a wide range of services. We are equipped with the latest in dental technology and are always looking for new ways to improve the level of care you can expect to receive at Tab A. Boyle, DDS.

Our Doctor

Boyle-7Dr. Boyle is the son of a doctor, and he followed in his father’s footsteps, taking care of people and helping them through difficult times in their lives. Dr. Boyle also gets to see his patients when they are doing well. With patients sticking to their regularly scheduled exams and cleanings, we get to be there during the good and help prevent difficult situations in the future.

Our Staff

Boyle-5Every time we get a chance to brag about our staff, we do. That is because we literally cannot say enough good things about the staff that we have assembled at Tab A. Boyle, DDS. They are dedicated, caring, compassionate, and thorough. You will be taken care of by our staff, no matter your age or dental health history.

Now that you know a little about us, let us get to know a little about you. Call our office to set up an appointment, or use our online form to schedule online.

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